A message from Andry:

It’s an honor to be named President & CEO of this wonderful organization.

Children’s Home Society of Florida has a rich history of building safe, strong and happy families. I’ve been a part of that story for nearly 20 years, and each day I find a new opportunity to learn, lead and innovate with our kids, teens, parents, team members, leaders, legislators and stakeholders.

Together, we are making a difference for kids in Florida.

Children’s Home Society of Florida Appoints Andry Sweet President & CEO

Orlando, Fla.-based Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), the state’s largest provider of services to children and families, has named Andry Sweet its new President and Chief Executive Officer – making her the second woman to hold the position in a 117-year history.

Sweet has more than three decades of experience in child welfare and behavioral health and specializes in system improvements to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to Florida’s children and families. She previously served as chief operating officer, where she oversaw $120M in operations and led direction of the executive management team.

Sweet joined CHS’ leadership team as an executive director in 2000. She has since served as vice president of operations, vice president of innovation and quality management, chief strategy officer, chief of staff and chief administrative officer. In the early 2000s, Sweet managed the transition of child welfare services from the government to the private sector at CHS.  She has led innovation at CHS, including the development and replication of Community Partnership Schools in Florida, integrated health care pilots with Medicaid HMOs, and the development of CaseAIM™ to improve child welfare outcomes.

“CHS has a solutions-driven focus to end the need for foster care as we know it,” said Laura Kolkman, Chair of CHS’ Board of Directors. “Ms. Sweet’s leadership has transformed the way we serve children and families. Her passion and commitment will continue to inspire and innovate throughout Florida.”

As a leader in child advocacy, Sweet serves on the board of the Florida Coalition for Children, is active in both state and federal advocacy efforts, and has previously held board positions with the state’s inaugural Community Partnership School Cabinet, the Statewide Trauma-Informed Care Workgroup, several Children’s Cabinets, and the Child Abuse and Prevention Task Force.

Sweet holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Health Care Administration from the University of Central Florida.

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