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Our Mission

Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives. Securing Futures.

A Brief History

The Children’s Home Society Foundation, Inc. was established in 1990 to secure charitable gifts and manage endowment gifts on behalf of Children’s Home Society of Florida. The Foundation is an independent, section 501(c)(3) organization that operates exclusively, for charitable purposes, to support CHS, primarily through endowment funds and legacy giving.

Net Assets

In FY2020, the CHS Foundation managed 197 endowments and sub-endowments with net assets totaling $24,973,845.

Endowments to Support the Needs of Children and Families

As the needs of our children and families continue to grow -in scope and complexity – endowment funds help allow CHS to meet those needs.

The Foundation provides  resources for critical research, training and innovations to better serve children and families throughout Florida, providing opportunities that may not otherwise be available.

These funds establish long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability so CHS can continue to provide quality services and solutions to children.

The endowments are invested, and a portion of the annual earnings are used to support the purpose of each endowment. The remaining earnings are reinvested to continue growing the endowment’s balance so more children may benefit.

Family Endowments

For decades many families have established endowments to increase the impact of their giving and continue their family’s legacy by supporting services close to their hearts. These range from mental health well-being, to an emergency fund for children. If you would like more information on how easy it can be to create a family endowment, please contact Anthony Sudler, Chief Development Officer, at

Regional Endowments

Each CHS Region has its own specially designated endowment fund, offering stability to the services and operations within its area. This foundational support is important to the unique needs of the children and families in them, and to the services and solutions provided to them.


Learn more about gift planning here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CHS Foundation a part of Children’s Home Society of Florida?

No.  The CHS Foundation has a separate IRS charitable designation, but its sole purpose is to support Children’s Home Society of Florida by raising funds, managing endowment funds and giving financial support to CHS.  The Foundation Board of Directors includes the CHS Board of Directors’ Chair and Vice Chair, as well as the President/CEO, but maintains its standing as a separate entity.

How does the CHS Foundation help CHS of Florida financially?

The Foundation annually distributes a portion of the investment earnings from the family and regional endowments it manages. It also provides grants to support CHS, where the need is greatest for children and families.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors represents communities throughout Florida.

The Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors and contracts with professional, independent investment consultants to oversee its investments.

  • Miguel Viyella, Board Chair & Treasurer  (Miami-Dade)
    • Raymond James
  • Charles Cromer, Vice Chair & Secretary  (Northeast FL)
    • Charles L Cromer, CPA
  • Brand Meyer, CHS Vice Chair, Ex officio  (Palm Beach)
    • Retired
  • Andry Sweet, Ex officio  (Central FL)
    • CHS President and CEO,
  • Ronald A. Brisé, Ex officio (Central FL)
    • Gunster
  • Thomas Gallagher (Palm Beach)
    • Retired
  • Frank J. Gulisano (Palm Beach)
    • Summit Realty
  • Rich Heffley (Big Bend)
    • Heffley & Associates
  • John Hosman (Western)
    • FSA Advisory Group
  • Laura Kolkman (Suncoast)
    • Mosaica Partners
  • Peter Palin (Broward County)
    • Retired
  • Marty Rubin (Central FL)
    • Smart City
  • Victoria Weber (Big Bend)
    • Retired


For more information, or to learn more about leaving a legacy through the CHS Foundation, please contact Casey Schroder, Director of Donor Relations & Gift Planning, at (321) 558-4034 or