After two years away from public school due to numerous health issues, Javon returned to school with a lot of apprehension. He was behind his classmates academically and wasn’t sure what to expect being around this peers again. Luckily, Javon attends Wilkinson Junior High School, A Community Partnership School. The Expanded Learning Coordinator jumped in to help get Javon caught up academically and make sure he felt comfortable with the transition to public school again.

With the help of the Community Partnership School staff and a curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control, Javon’s academic and personal skills quickly advanced. Initially hesitant and nervous, he progressed throughout the semester, eventually becoming an active contributor in conversations about emotions and how to handle them. Javon was able to work through his anxiety about returning to school and gain the confidence he needed to thrive socially and academically.

Javon’s story is just one example of how Community Partnership Schools help students overcome obstacles to achieve educational and lifetime success, learn more about the initiative here.