When Tanya became pregnant with her first child she joined Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Healthy Families – a program that provides encouragement, practical guidance and resources to parents throughout Florida.

During weekly sessions, and in the comfort of their own homes, parents – like Tanya — learn how to help their children reach key developmental milestones so they can prepare to enter kindergarten ready to learn. Healthy Families also coaches overwhelmed parents on how to handle everyday stress, how to make their homes safe for infants and small children, and how to positively engage with their children, including the teaching of age-appropriate discipline.

Tanya has disabilities which make it difficult for her to access things like public transportation. She sought help from CHS to become more independent in making doctor appointments and helping her child succeed. Healthy Families helped Tanya organize consistent transportation and also helped her to recognize when her daughter was showing signs of developmental delays. Tanya’s daughter, Bella, is now connected to additional support to help her overcome her challenges and realize her full potential.

Amber, Bella and Tanya

“Tanya is an all-around awesome mom,” said Amber Scott, Tanya’s Family Support Worker and a Supervisor with CHS. “She is a highly engaged parent doing everything she can to give her little girl the best life ever.”

But CHS team members like Amber are so much more than just a resource to their families! In working with the parents and caregivers, they become a friend, mentor, listening ear and lifeline. The bonds they create are truly inspiring.

“Amber always helps me,” said Tanya. “She worked with our family to help us through everything from attachment and bonding to potty training and now getting Bella ready for school. She really helps me with everything. I appreciate her so much.”

Children’s Home Society of Florida is committed to strengthening families and creating a brighter future for children. Click here for more information about Healthy Families.