We invited foster parents to share some of their most cherished memories, and their heartfelt responses are truly inspiring. As we observe National Foster Care Month, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of coming together as a community to protect and support our most vulnerable children and families. Read their stories below.

Please share one of your best memories of being a foster parent.

We just got Licensed!!  And have not been able to foster yet but one of my best memories as a foster parent was going through the class and meeting other families and learning about everyone’s backgrounds and the reasoning for wanting to be foster parents.
It was just a joy to hear everyone’s story.

Picking up the 2 older siblings from respite care and beginning spring with the surprise of their toddler brother spending the week with us! The looks on their faces and the adventures of the week was definitely one for the memory box of treasured moments!

Maintaining a great rapport with biological mom and family after reunification.  This was our first placement. In fact we have been babysitting every weekend so Mom can work on the weekends. It’s been great and mom is so thankful.

I would say the 1st best memory was getting that first call 13 years ago for our now-forever son.  We were on our way to the Keys for vacation.  We did not want to miss saying yes to him and allowed him to join us.  That whole experience is something we will never forget.  Of course, there are many more.  But that is the first one that comes to mind every time we talk about our experiences.

We have been a foster family for a little over a year now and we will never forget the overwhelming feelings and emotions you get during your first placement call. It makes you realize it’s real and you are presented with an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

My best memory as a foster parent is when the children get reunited with their parents after them working so hard to make changes in their life.

Watching several successful reunifications, adoptions, and being “Auntie” to sooooooooo many kiddos who we’ve loved over the years!

My best memory of being a foster parent was the day we had our 1st reunification with a momma who immediately put herself in rehab. She worked so hard and got her baby back in just 3 weeks! Her whole family met me at a cute little restaurant and we all had lunch together. I’ll never forget that sweet baby boy or his family.

Blessed to sing happy birthday, not once but four times to children that have never had a (purposeful) birthday party with cake, presents and family/ friends.  A lot of happy tears!

Ours is definitely seeing our first foster kiddo reunify with his mom he had been taken from as a young baby by his father and getting to visit and be a part of his life post reunification.

Best memories was when we took him to Chuck E Cheese, he didn’t know it was a real place, he thought it was only on his mom’s phone in YouTube videos. Absolute best day ever when we blind folded him and walked him inside.

It’s the little things that mean so much .

One of my best memories of being a foster parent is when I see connection. Connection between our other kids, providers, us, bio parents, grandparents. When you see that spark light in them. It’s the most amazing thing.

The absolute best memory I have of foster care is the day my daughter and her husband adopted two of “my” babies!! They have been unable to have children and have been through 3 failed adoptions! What a blessing to know that because we chose to foster my daughter has the blessing of being a mom! What a true joy that memory is!  Serving Christ by serving His children.

One of my best memories of being a foster parent was receiving a reply letter from one of our foster kiddos biological parents. I had been writing her letters for every visit in hopes that she knew her baby was well taken care of and well loved, and that I had hoped she knew she was loved and important.