Although the holiday season brings tremendous joy and togetherness, it can also bring stress and enormous pressure triggering significant mental health challenges. Prioritizing self-care is an effective way to reduce stress, improve well-being and help find peace in challenging situations.

Putting mental wellness on the backburner may cause irritability, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, extreme mood changes and isolation from others.
This October, Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), a national leader in trauma-informed care, including counseling is celebrating Emotional Wellness Month by sharing tips on how to take care of yourself and put your emotional wellbeing first.

Self-care tips to reduce stress & anxiety:
• Practice healthy habits – Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and eating nutritious foods like fruits, nuts and proteins will help provide energy to tackle the day’s challenges.
• Decrease caffeine and substance use – Increased alcohol and substance use often appear around the holidays, but studies show nicotine, caffeine and alcohol can provoke feelings of depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges.
• Find and dedicate time to positive activities – Activities like taking a walk, listening to a favorite song or journaling can help regulate emotions and improve overall well-being. Remember to take time for you.
• Maintain boundaries with others — Reducing extra activities or tasks and decreasing your risk of feeling overloaded can greatly improve your mental health.
• Spend time with loved ones and seek support when feeling overwhelmed

Throughout Florida, CHS counselors offer support, tips and guidance for individuals and families struggling with their mental and emotional health. The organization provides care in a variety of convenient formats including sessions in-office, at home, in schools and even online with Telehealth. For more information, visit