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As many as 19,000 children are in foster care in the state of Florida. These children face unprecedented difficulties, which often result in permanent trauma. Furthermore, children who experience such adversities are at a higher risk of facing negative outcomes, both in childhood and throughout their lives. They may struggle with mental health issues, educational challenges, and difficulties in forming healthy relationships. That’s why in today’s episode, we talked with Heather Morgan, Senior Vice President of Communications Marketing and Engagement at Children’s Home Society of Florida.

Children’s Home Society of Florida is a nonprofit organization that works with children and families on child welfare. Their primary mission is to prevent the need for foster care altogether by providing support and intervention services. The organization strives to ensure children can remain safe at home with their families instead of going into the foster system.

Helping Families Going Through Tough Times

The Children’s Home Society of Florida was founded not only to assist children in need of families but also to support families and job seekers facing similar challenges. They offer a wide range of programs and services to help families thrive, providing counseling, mental health services, resources for job training, nutrition, housing stability, and more.

They emphasize early childhood services and empower families to become their children’s first teachers. They focus on building upon parents’ strengths, promoting healthy bonding activities, and helping children meet key developmental milestones. By preparing children for kindergarten and beyond, they aim to improve educational outcomes and reduce the likelihood of future challenges.

The organization also serves as a convener, bringing together various organizations, businesses, universities, healthcare providers, and community partnership schools to address the key issues around child welfare. Through their hard work, they take the burden from the parents and ensure they get all the help necessary to raise their children the right way.

Listen to the whole interview to find out how the Children’s Home Society of Florida transforms odds into opportunities for kids statewide. They are an organization in need of your support, so consider donating to help their cause.

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