In honor of Foster Parent Appreciation Month, we want to spotlight Alyssa and Noelani. Alyssa is a remarkable foster parent who has dedicated 12 years of her life to providing a loving home for children in need. Alyssa has selflessly opened her heart and home to approximately 40 children over the years. Her unwavering commitment to foster care, along with her wife Noelani’s wholehearted support, has created an environment where children can thrive and experience the joys of stable family life.

At the remarkable age of 21, Alyssa embarked on a courageous journey as one of the youngest foster parents in her area, driven by a lifelong passion to aid children in need. Through her selfless actions, she exemplified the notion that age should never hinder one’s ability to bring hope and change to those who need it most.

Alyssa and Noelani’s home has become a haven for children from diverse backgrounds, ranging from newborns to teenagers. Their experience as medically trained foster parents enables them to provide specialized care for children with unique medical needs. By creating a safe and nurturing environment, Alyssa and Noelani ensure that each child receives the care and attention necessary to thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Throughout her foster parenting experience, Alyssa has celebrated countless moments of joy. The ultimate fulfillment comes when she witnesses the “happily ever afters” of children being reunited with their families or finding their forever homes through adoption. These heartwarming success stories remind Alyssa of the profound impact foster care can have on a child’s life and provide her with the motivation to continue making a difference.

Noelani, Alyssa’s wife, joined her on this journey when they got married. Although Noelani inherited foster care, she wholeheartedly embraced it, as she had always longed to be a parent. Together, they form a strong foundation of support and care for the children who enter their home. Their partnership not only strengthens their ability to provide love and stability but also sets an example of unity and compassion.

When asked about her advice to those considering foster care, Alyssa simply says, “Just do it.” She believes that fostering is one of the most rewarding acts a family can undertake. While acknowledging that the journey may have its challenges, Alyssa emphasizes the immense fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact on a child’s life. Her encouraging words serve as an inspiration for others to step forward and embrace the transformative power of foster care.

Alyssa and Noelani’s dedication to creating a warm and welcoming environment for the children in their care extends beyond the basic necessities. They understand the significance of making each child feel at home, no matter how brief their stay. They ensure that every child receives a comfort item of their choice, whether it’s a blanket, a toy, or anything they desire. These seemingly simple gestures mean the world to the children, providing a sense of security and normalcy during difficult times.

Alyssa and Noelani’s incredible commitment to fostering has also led to the adoption of two boys whom they had been fostering. These two boys found their forever home and a permanent, loving family.

Alyssa and Noelani’s journey as foster parents is a testament to the profound impact one person can have on the lives of many. Their unwavering dedication has brought comfort, love, and stability to numerous children over the years. Their story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the immeasurable rewards that come from opening our hearts and homes to those in need. As we celebrate Foster Parent Appreciation Month, let us honor Alyssa, Noelani, and countless others like them, who continue to make a difference.