Returning to school in-person after the pandemic was stressful for 9 year-old Trinity. Her panic attacks were overwhelming her at school and at home causing explosive meltdowns and unstoppable tears.

Trinity’s mom, Tiffany, was determined to find the right support for her daughter to find peace. “She was struggling in every area,” said Tiffany. “It was important for me to get her the right help. Sadly, there are still negative stigmas surrounding medication and therapy. But if your child had a heart condition, you wouldn’t hesitate to bring them to a professional. Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

Trinity started meeting weekly with her Children’s Home Society of Florida mental health counselor and began learning calming skills like deep breathing and positive self-talk.

“She went from not wanting to go to school at all, to looking forward to going so she could talk with her counselor,” said Tiffany.

At home, Trinity and Tiffany built new routines with the guidance of the counselor and Trinity’s progress began to improve her relationship with her older sister.

“Instead of being in her head and overanalyzing, Trinity began to relax and it helped to bring the family more together,” said Tiffany. With more tools and confidence to cope with her anxiety, Trinity is also empowered to forge stronger friendships among her peers.

“I feel so much more at peace,” said Tiffany. “You never want your children to feel judged or labeled. I really felt overprotective of her and like I needed to shield her. But now, I can take a step back and watch her flourish. I appreciate CHS, I really do. Counseling was life changing for us. Trinity’s anxiety no longer defines her entire day. She has the calming tools and confidence now to let her light shine through.”

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