Deion was struggling to adjust to a new environment as a 6th grade student at Howard W. Bishop Middle School. His mom has been unable to work due to COVID-19 restrictions and his family was facing financial crisis. Feeling worried and overwhelmed from the stress in his home, Deion began losing interest in learning and grew disconnected from his peers.

Deion’s teachers noticed the change in his academic performance and with the help of the Community Partnership School team, his family received immediate support with food assistance, clothing and access to funding resources for rent and utility assistance. Deion joined the after school program where he focused on his academics while making new friends.

Because of the services provided by the Community Partnership School, Deion’s outlook changed almost instantly. His grades improved, he made new friends, and his mom is working toward earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology. The Community Partnership School team wrapped their arms around Deion and his family, helping them discover the courage and strength to keep pushing forward to meet their goals.

Howard W. Bishop Middle School, A Community Partnership School brings together high-quality academics, health care, counseling, support, mentoring and more—all where students and their families are comfortable: in their own school. Core partners include Children’s Home Society of Florida, the School Board of Alachua County, Santa Fe College, University of Florida and the Alachua County Health Department. For more information, contact LaToya Jennings-Lopez, Community Partnership School Director.