Cinthya, Program Supervisor of our Family Visitation Center in Central Florida, shares more about her experience in the field of social work, what lead her to CHS and her passion for empowering families in Central Florida each day.  

What fuels you in your role every day?
Growing up in Dominican Republic I was taught that FAMILY is the foundation of society. Every day I remind myself that our job is to help families and care for their wellbeing. The “why” for me is knowing that for each family we help to improve their situation, we are actually improving society and changing the world little by little.

What lead you to the field of social work initially? Did you always know you were interested in helping people from a young age?
Yes, I did! I started working with young people at church when I was a teenager as I always felt the need to help others. Growing up I loved to be around kids so, I became a preschool teacher and worked for 10 years in the field. When relocating to Florida, I wanted to continue working with kids but did not want to be in the classroom again. My friend was a case manager and told me about her work. She suggested that I should try this field, as I loved serving others and to be around kids and youth. She was right!!!

What advice would you give social workers on their very first day or right after graduating college?
Right after graduating, I will suggest those entering the field of social work learn about financial literacy so they can learn about creating passive income and investing. In this field they will find meaning and purpose and I believe is the best place to choose a career. However, it is not necessarily the best paid; therefore, they should come in the field with a financial plan to be able to enjoy what they do and stay.

Do you have a favorite memory with CHS?
One of my favorite memories stems from my earliest days as a Family Support Worker. When I had my first family reunified I brought one of the kids I used to transport for visits back home. It was very emotional. I remember walking in the house with him and, when the mom opened the door, all his siblings were already there. They all jumped of happiness and hugged each other. He wanted to show me his bedroom and the rest of the house. It was a beautiful moment as the mom was reunified within 6 months and did everything to get all her kids back. I will never forget their faces.

What do you want to be remembered for most?
For making people feel loved and appreciated. No matter who are they, that whenever they met me, I made them feel loved because I listened to them or help them somehow.


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