A Child's Life
Realities for former foster youth:

33% will be on the streets within three years
66% are high school dropouts
50% are unemployed
60% will have babies within four years

We offer something else: HOPE



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Participating Restaurants l Sponsors 

When it comes to food festivals in Northeast Florida, nothing compares to the quality, excitement and diverse selection that Caring Chefs has to offer. The first, biggest and best food and wine festival in the area, Caring Chefs has wrapped up its 32nd year of offering a night of tantalizing tastes from the First Coast's highest quality restaurants, caterers and wine vendors.

Held every year in the fall on both levels at The Avenues Mall, live music provides for a fun atmosphere as you move from booth to booth sampling unique dishes dressed to impress.

Last year, more than 60  restaurants, caterers and wine vendors showed off their culinary skills and fine wine selections for 2,300 guests at the Avenues Mall. For information on how you can become a sponsor or how your restaurant can be part of next year's 33rd Annual Caring Chefs, please contact Andrea Dezso at (904) 493-7739 or via email at Andrea.Dezso@chsfl.org.

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