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Why The Faine House?

Due to the public health crisis, all fundraising events for The Faine House through June 2020 have been canceledBut we need you now more than ever. We rely on our events to cover basic operating expenses for the Faine House program — please consider donating online now to help Central Florida’s young adults.

Our residents are coping – but they are experiencing job losses and uncertainties — The Faine House is their steady source of support and stability amidst turmoil. We are strong, and we will continue to serve our young adults, empowering them to reach their full potential!

A Message from Jeff Faine

Right now, the young adults we serve at the Faine House continue to rely on us. With strength and resilience, together, they are all doing well and sheltering in place at The Faine House. Those who are enrolled in school continue with their education online as it is available. As many business have closed due to the pandemic, many of those we serve have lost employment.

This weekend marks what would have been the Faine House’s 10th annual gala – our annual fundraising event which provides a bulk of the funds required to operate the Faine House and the services these young adults rely upon. These operating funds cover expenses like food for residents, scholarships for homeless youth that do not receive state assistance, transportation, and essential staff salaries (needed to assist with monitoring the home and providing support for residents), among many other ongoing needs.

While we have every intention to reschedule the gala, due to the uncertainties surrounding the public health crisis, we don’t know when that will happen. And we continue to look for ways to continue to meet the needs of the young men and women we serve.

Our Faine House community is one built upon strength, unity and resilience, and in these difficult times, we know we will come together for each other and for our residents.

Currently, the immediate needs, beyond regular operating expenses, are:

Amazon Wish List of items for Faine House residents:  This list has items to help break up the day, provide activities, crafts and reading material to keep everyone busy, as well as treats to fill care packages and Easter baskets for every resident.

Meal Train: Organized for food delivery scheduled twice a week – Sunday and Wednesday.

If you would like to directly support operating expenses for The Faine House, please donate here.

As teenagers exit foster care without a family or support system, their futures can be uncertain. The same goes for young adults facing homelessness and other significant struggles as they begin the next phase in their lives – often alone. At CHS, we believe every teen and young adult has potential to succeed, and we provide solutions and services to help them realize it.

Every year, more than 100 teens in Central Florida turn 18 while in foster care. Without help and guidance, many will face a lifetime of dependency – welfare, jail, homelessness.

There is another path. A path to success that begins at the doors of The Faine House.

Make a donation to support the programs and services provided at The Faine House.

Building Bridges to Success

Teens and young adults who have participated in The Faine House programs have experienced tremendous improvements and received guidance that has changed their life trajectories. Comparing youth supported by these programs until the age of 21 versus youth with no support system, we’ve seen the following impact:

  • 68% continued their education in traditional or vocational schools (vs. 31%)
  • 37% attended college students (vs. 12%)
  • A decline in substance abuse, violent and destructive behaviors and pregnancies
  • An increase in financial stability

How we empower residents to succeed

At The Faine House, we believe in five essential steps to change the path of young adults who face uncertain, often frightening, futures:

  • Education
  • Housing & transportation
  • Employment
  • Health & wellness
  • Personal finance

Upon move-in, residents craft a Life Plan to guide their progress. Taking each step together, The Faine House assists in their growth. Through the development of each life skill, residents progress, become empowered and enter our community as confident adults.

After just four years, The Faine House has blossomed from a 10-bed residential home for teens exiting foster care into a community for young adults on their journeys into adulthood. This solution has gone from helping kids get driver’s licenses to now helping them find and launch into careers.

We expect our residents to live by The Faine House Resident Creed:

I will honor this opportunity by:

  • Believing in the me I can be
  • Being true to myself and those around me
  • Supporting and respecting fellow residents and mentors
  • Being dedicated to my goals
  • Asking for help when I need it
  • Following the house rules

Get Involved

The Faine House operates on donations from private individuals and organizations. You can be a part of The Faine House community, too:

  • Make a donation to support the programs and services provided at The Faine House.
  • Learn more about our giving societies and other opportunities that benefit The Faine House.
  • Contact Cheryl Distler for more information about ways to get involved and needs at The Faine House.

Events benefiting The Faine House, a program of CHS:

Due to the public health crisis, all events have been canceled through the end of June 2020. However, our residents need you now more than ever. To make a contribution, please donate now and enter “The Faine House” in the notes section. Thank you!

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