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We owe it to kids to constantly do better. So we do.

CHS leads the nation in implementing innovative solutions to address the most pressing challenges facing children, families and communities.

Changing how we serve children in foster care

In partnership with top minds at Microsoft, CHS developed the award-winning, one-of-a-kind solution CaseAIM to improve outcomes for kids by changing the environment in which case managers work.

Parents involved in the child welfare system who participate in our Early Childhood Court receive an abundance of support from a team dedicated to empowering them to achieve their goals. Families that complete the program often reunify within six to nine months.


Opening doors to success: Community Partnership Schools

Proven to improve academic achievement and lifelong success, Community Partnership Schools bring services right into the school, reaching students and families right where they’re at. A founding partner of the model in Florida, CHS is involved in nearly a dozen Community Partnership Schools.

Bringing hope through trauma-responsive care

Children and adults who have suffered traumatic events – from violence and abuse to military deployment, divorce and unemployment – receive personalized therapy from our trauma-informed counselors. Through this strategy, we change the way we serve, implementing best practices that prevent re-traumatization and promote resiliency.

Telehealth: Bridging the gap for children with Medicaid

Children receiving counseling through CHS can have video consultations with a licensed psychiatrist if they have a mental health diagnosis that may require medication in addition to therapy. Without the telehealth component, many children – particularly those receiving Medicaid – would languish on waiting lists for up to six months before their first appointment with a psychiatrist. Now, they can have their consultation often within a week.

CHS also provides confidential counseling without kids, parents and families ever leaving their safe space.

With online counseling through CHS, clients “meet” with a counselor right on a phone, computer or tablet. It’s a new way of counseling … wherever families  are, we can be.

This new approach to counseling is convenient, confidential, secure and easy. Learn more about our telehealth solutions here.

Through our partnership with the Florida Institute of Technology, children in our Early Steps program can have video consultations with an Autism diagnostic specialist before they turn 3. With an extreme shortage of specialists in the Big Bend area – where we provide Early Steps – many children have gone without this critical consultation. Until now.

Business and Leadership Institute for Early Learning

The Business and Leadership Institute for Early Learning (BLI) Master Class Series will empower you as a business professional and entrepreneur in the industry of childcare. The course is designed specifically for early learning center or home based owners or operators as well as those planning on opening a childcare business. Our curriculum V’locity, focuses on creative business strategies with an emphasis on quality care and education.

If selected, participation is fully funded. Upon completion of the Master Class Series course requirements, you will be awarded CEUs. The course requires you to attend all four classes, held one Saturday a month, and complete a business plan that addresses your unique challenges and opportunities for success. Apply here today.

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