Since 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month, a time to celebrate and explore influential Black figures who’ve shaped our country through the years. While it’s important to remember and recognize those who’ve made a difference in the past, let us also celebrate our “do gooders” of today… our impactful Black team members creating history right now for the kids and families we serve.

At CHS, we’re honored to support our Black team members throughout Black Professionals @ CHS Affinity Group, a place for bonding, professional development, teamwork and more. Meet a few participants below!

1. What is your #MyCHSWhy… the thing that fuels you in your role every day?
I was once a teen in foster care, so I understand what it feels like and what it means to depend on others in your community to help you. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I believe that due to my childhood experiences this profession chose me. My goal is to be the social worker that I needed when I was a teen. Working at CHS gives me the opportunity to give back. It is my hope that I am helping the families that we serve in the same way that someone else helped me and my family.

1. What does CHS’ Black Professionals @ CHS Affinity Group mean to you?
This group has helped me feel less alone in the workplace. I have also been enlightened to other connections and opportunities for support with the larger CHS team.  

It is so important to keep the focus on the people that make our company so great. Our team members are our greatest asset… we are more than the work we do and I appreciate being seen for who I am as much as the service I perform and seeing others do the same.

1. What is your #MyCHSWhy? 

I’m inspired in my role every day by the variety of team members I serve beside. Through EDI and in my role in Talent Acquisition, I recognize the impact of learning from different cultures and the importance of racial inclusivity. I believe having knowledge of EDI helps us better understand our community and reflect the people we serve.

I’m also proud that CHS is home to our Black Professionals @ CHS Affinity Group. It’s it’s so beautiful to come together and connect as Black team members. As a CHS organization, our demographics make up almost 40% of the company! It’s so refreshing to share resources and discuss current topics related to the Black Community.